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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

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Welcome to Goodwill Group Of Institutions

Never complacent, Goodwill has always shown exponential growth in every area and today, we are one of those few schools in the country that practice a system of inclusive education. Our highly qualified team of Special Educators ensures that children with diverse needs are given individual attention.
This is also one of a handful of schools where children who have special needs spend the maximum possible time with their peers – forging relationships, navigating new challenges and being given the best of both, specialized instruction and the proverbially precious school years. Here, at Goodwill we make all available platforms as fertile as possible in order to enable growing talents to flourish and thrive.

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We will ensure that a child’s interests and talents meet in a manner that is cohesive, constructive and creative. This is an institution where students become a part of a greater family; a place where the collective effort goes into ensuring that students, who come to us seeking an education, leave with a sense of empowerment and a realization of their responsibility, not only towards themselves, but also to the world around them.


  • The classrooms at Goodwill Institutions have students and teachers brimming with enthusiasm and energy.

  • Every teacher goes beyond academics and channelizes the energy of the students in a positive manner.

  • Guidance in critical thinking and openness of approach in the learning process makes the classroom experience inspiring and motivating.

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To be the most reputed educational institution in Bangalore.

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Goodwill aims to provide a stimulating learning environment to ignite the young minds.

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Message from Chairman

Welcome to Goodwill group of Institutions.

A new academic year brings forth new challenges and thankfully new opportunities. To excel from the heights of achievements, requires re-dedication to our ideals as an institution. A famous philosopher said “Life is a state of continued becoming, with a goal in front and not behind”. How true! The time has come for us – not to rest on past laurels – but to pursue with renewed vigor, newer, higher targets.

We live in a world where acquisition and application of knowledge is the key to success. At the same time, knowledge is not simply absolute power, but an inner awakening. It is an awakening of a child's inner faculties.

It is an awakening that enlightens the mind. It is the light that leads society from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

True education has the power to build minds, to mold great personalities, to create Knowledge-Nations. Goodwill English School aims at awakening this inner light. It is a learning center where every moment of imparting knowledge is carefully and meticulously planned.

It is an institution where the student is inspired and motivated to use the faculties of the mind to be creative and inventive.

It is an excellence centre where the training imparted concentrates on every sphere of education, where students are encouraged to become individualistic, where they learn to respect our age-old traditions and culture and are taught to live in harmony with nature, with people around and with all living things on earth.
Start by doing what is necessary then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Every day brings forth new opportunities to learn more.
At Goodwill institution we are on a journey to making education more meaningful and engaging inside the classroom.
We believe that each child is unique and gifted and a child’s capacity to learn and create is infinite.
We are proud and privileged that you have chosen us to be a part of your child’s journey towards a great future.
Beyond the goals of literacy, schools play a role as agents of change in a world of social injustice by inculcating in students qualities of selfless generosity, loving concern for others along with the capacity of true and enduring loyalty, moral courage, integrity, hard work and honesty.
This has been the unwritten curriculum that has functioned as the underlying basis for the type of education imparted here; creating an environment so congenial and unique which everyone is proud of.
The task ahead of us is clear enough.
The past has defined for us pathways that are sound and well thought out.
Circumstances may have changed necessitating adaptations in approaching the goals that have been set forth.
We have honestly strived with undying effort and sincerity in achieving our goals and will definitely continue to do so.


Message from Secretary

Welcome to the Goodwill School website. Goodwill School is now a decade into its service in the educational field and counting. Our school has become the ideal environment where students, teachers, and staff come in to blossom into their best. When you step into Goodwill School, you will sense the uniqueness, inclusivity, liveliness within the school campus.

At Goodwill School, we open up the learning process, by adapting a curriculum to its widest scope of application. Every member of our staff is fully aware of their impact in helping each student accomplish their academic goals. As an upcoming school, we are envisioning and working towards realising tremendous possibilities ahead, for adopters of the curriculum.

Our students are encouraged to cultivate resilience and responsibility as future global citizens. We give them ample community service opportunities, that help them connect their day to day tasks to living ethically.


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